feeling 22

On November 12th I turned the quintessential TSwift 22
& the party that followed was a glitter girl’s making


Home-crafted tassels thanks to the likes of Pinterest girls everywhere
These weren’t hard to make by any means, but very time consuming if you are anything close to a self-proclaimed perfectionist


{My favourite part, thanks to Party City}

The moment I decided to have a party, I knew I wanted these balloons. They add a celebration factory that is necessary for any event deemed special

With this birthday most likely being on of the last parties I throw, I wanted a little throwback to the parties we had as kids, so I chose a few birthday clichés


The birthday banner is one of the most underrated decorations, it used to be a must for any birthday celebration & now it’s presence is scarce
However, I for one wanted a little kitschy added to the mix & with the twinkle lights, it went from cheesy to just right


I personally don’t love the birthday pin or tiara that are usually sported by those adding a digit, but I do appreciate the little things that make you feel more special.
For me, this New Years esque headband was the perfect flare
& it screamed Gilmore Girls a la Rory’s 16th birthday, this girl’s inspo


Overall it was a great day & a great way to acknowledge this new chapter, welcoming it with a frosting of the perfect decorations

Love and confetti,

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