pico de-licious

I love summer and all the flavours it brings
I am also absolutely obsessed with Mexican food
Bring them together and you get the lip-smacking delectable flavours of my watermelon, mango pico de guio

I am usually known for my guacamole but I wanted to add that extra freshness that makes it a fiesta for your tastebuds

The recipe made enough for at least 4 dishes (I made a chicken fajita burrito bowl)

I started with the main ingredients of watermelon and mango



I used a whole mango and about a third of a small watermelon and diced them into about the size of a nickel

I then proceeded with half of a green and half of a red pepper which I diced into about the size of a dime

Afterwards I simply continued with my guacamole recipe

I used a quarter of an onion, one whole avocado and instead of half a tomato I instead used a medley of cherry tomatoes which complimented the sweetness of the fruit (I used approx 6)


I stirred together all the ingredients and then added approx half a lime and a punch of salt and pepper which I tested until I had the taste I wanted

I usually also include cilantro but unfortunately didn’t have any in my fridge

The end product turned out better than I could have hoped for it was so full of flavour and complimented my dish perfectly



I’m so excited to try different pico de guio combinations but I think this one is definitely a keeper

Love and amor,

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