smooth over your week

Lately I’ve been obsessed with kale and have been looking to incorporate it into every meal I have, ask my friend Alex Misiak has said, #kaleisthenewbeef
For someone who getting the right amount of calcium and iron is always a daily struggle, kale is a godsend

It was only a matter of time before I toyed with the idea of adding it to my smoothies

{Photo Credit: Elisa Marino}

I used coconut water aka Mother Nature’s sports drink, high in potassium and fibre, as a base along with your average honey, lemon which helps speed up your metabolism and apples adding a little sweetness for your tastebuds


In the first one I also played around with strawberries which help burn stored fat, and grapefruit that aids the body in the breakdown of unwanted cholesterol

By finely chopping each ingredient and adding a few icecubes I was left with an absolutely delicious, uber healthy and cost-friendly smoothie

{Photo Credit: Elisa Marino}

This only lead to me wanting more and experimenting with different flavours!


Next, I replaced the strawberries with pineapple, great for nourishing your body with essential vitamins A & C
I also substituted the grapefruit for mango, not only juicy and delicious but also high in vitamin E and fibre


Finally, I replaced the coconut water with 100% cranberry juice which does wonders for the kidneys and added a little bit of mint which is a natural metabolism booster
These changes made for a fun tropical vacation in a glass


Kale smoothies are to die-for and I am so happy I have developed some easy recipes to follow for a nice breakfast or a after yoga/ run refresher.

Share your favourite mixes, I’m so interested in seeing what everyone does to get their kale fix!

Love & Magic-Bullets,

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