manic monday

Like Garfield, most of us aren’t crazy about Mondays
So try to turn those negative anxious vibes into positive ones right off the bat
I’m a fan of anything bright and colourful and with Mondays being so manic cereal is usually the best I can do
By simply adding some fresh fruit to your drab breaky, it can make the biggest difference

{Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds Cereal and Silk True Almond Milk}


Substitute that sugary juice for infused goodness
I’ve gotten really into this fad
It’s so fun to make and looks and tastes amazing
It’s such a good detox especially if you are trying to get your daily intake of H2O

You can do you’re on spin on it, I personally love anything with lemon and mint as staples and build upon that




Cheers to a beautifully manic monday and tuesday, wednesday, thursday too!

Love and refreshments,

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