This past Friday was my sorority’s Spring formal -a nice break from my two week non-stop finals study sessions
Because of my hectic schedule I wasn’t able to search for a dress until very last minute, 3 hours before the event!
Luckily, I walked into Urban Outfitters and found not exactly what I was looking for (a beachy, west coast feel) but better
This gem was absolutely perfect and had me thinking of my past formal outfits
Here’s to a little throwback on a Wednesday, because why not?

Starting with this year’s threads

{Dress: KimChi Blue, Purse: H&M borrowed from my lovely big}

I loved how Spring this dress was, the fabric was a mix of casual and chic and the neckline was ridiculously flattering. The detail of the zipper only made it that much sweeter



Last year I strived to go for a Lauren Conrad look. The moment I saw the dress I knew I had to have it. The fact that it was a perfect fit was just the icing on top of the cake. I felt girly yet sophisticated. I absolutely loved wearing this dress

{Dress: Bought at Skirt By: Sugar Lips, Purse: Aldo}

My first formal I honestly just was still vibing West Coast vs East Coast and decided to go a little boho chic with my look.

{Dress: Bought from Risqué By Renee C. }

The dress encapsulated me at the time and was so easy to wear. The fabric texture and pattern is incredibly divine and my favourite part of the dress.


I can’t wait to see what I’ll find to wear next year and add to my collection of lovelies.

Love & florals,

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