happy birthday sjp!

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of my absolute favourite actresses. She is genuine, she is fearless and she is unapologetic. I mean, she dated Robert Downey Jr, she was a guest star on Glee, she’s been featured on the cover of Vogue a record 4+ times, she married Ferris Bueller and she has her own shoe line.
And in celebrating the day she graced the world and her talent was embodied, and Woman Crush Wednesday early, I’ve decided to share the SJP/ character moments that have stuck with me.


Her role in I Don’t Know How She Does It is smart, fluid and entertaining. She evokes empathy and humour simultaneously and effortlessly.


While watching her in The Family Stone I couldn’t help myself but feel connected to her character Meredith as she takes on a tight knit family and struggles with her confidence in personhood and desire to let go and just live. SJP couldn’t have played it better and was so fun to watch.



You can’t celebrate SJP without a small but meaningful homage to Carrie Bradshaw. Cheeky, bold and forthright, she’s impossible not to adore. I know I’m not the only one who has fallen in love, experienced heartbreak, anguished over the male species and in the end learnt so much alongside the iconic prima donna’s 6 season run.


sjp carrie

You could argue she’s a type-cast actress but either way, I for one have and will continue to be team SJP: an iconic and fabulous woman.


Love and Manolos,

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