just call me LC

I’ve been ridiculously overwhelmed with my schedule as of late but luckily for me it hasn’t been all work and no play.

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer backstage with the shOws, a Toronto fashion event that showcases extremely talented Canadian designers that have been successful on the world stage but not necessarily discovered in their homeland

{The backstage area}

{My all-access pass}

{The hair and make-up stage}

Graciously due to meeting the ever amazing founder of the event, Paola Fullerton at the UofT Rotman Commerce Women in Business Leadership Symposium and being put in contact with Jenn Plomer I was able to assist backstage for both days

Day One
I met the incomparable Steven Tai as well as his cucumber cool team Trace’ Lam and Abdi Omer
Not enough can be said for the designs themselves nor the talent behind them
I steamed, I sewed, I soaked it all in.
And ended with a smile and an appetite for more.

{Steven adjusting model for shoot}

Day Two
Was a rush of models models models
I worked closely with Antonio Azzuolo and his girl Friday Andrea

{Going through a look with Antonio}

I also had the pleasure of working alongside the greatest guy a girl could call a friend, Ryan Payne
Who alone kept me motivated and sane

I dressed models, I organized dressers for models, I double checked models and I triple checked models

{Mac, one of the models I dressed and a great guy to work with}

Luckily I had a hilarious and overly competent group of volunteers surrounding me and the most patient and genuinely positive models to work with
It was an amazing rush of fashion adrenaline

{Minutes before the show started}

{The finished product}

The whole experience ended with drinks, cuisine and great company

I truly hope I get to do it all again and maybe more.

Love and catwalks,

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