monday pleasures

Monday is all about life’s simple pleasures
You have to be able to see beyond the dark cloud waiting for you to get back to the salt-mines
Here are my Monday Pleasures:

Not only are these flowers gorgeous, but they also smell ah-mazing
Fantastic way to wake up, thanks to my wonderful family friend

{Cinnamon Chai Organic tea from David’s Tea}

Delicious steeping of loose-leaf tea to make my day a little more focused,
ALWAYS a struggle on Mondays

{Eggshell Gray Faux Suede Pumps from H&M}

Strutting around my bachelorette pad in these to-die-for pumps just to have an excuse to wear them sooner rather than later!

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 12.28.12 PM
{Card by Paperless Post}

A free-verse poem I composed while desperately desiring to fall asleep at 4am
What with Conference just taking place, I was feeling inspired

Wishing you luck in finding the beauty in your Monday simplicities!

Love, Lunes & Lundi,

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