it’s a colourful life

I’ve been dying to dye the ends of my hair since LC posted the fun & fab idea on her shared blog, the beauty department 
So I finally got up the gams to just do it, I mean you are only young once

{Manic Panic Vegan Hair Colour, I chose Atomic Turquoise, Ultra Violet & Pretty Flamino)

The process was longer than I thought, coming from a strictly drugstore hair-dye kinda girl
& I was getting cold feet, nervous that it was going to be more OUT-there than I wanted

I was rocking a pretty cool do the entire appointment, joking & anxiously tweeting

First my fab stylist had to bleach the strands due to my naturally dark colour, but then the fun came
2 hours & a small trim later, I was ready to take on my 20s

It turned out EXACTLY how I wanted it, not too noticeable but still a little edge

When I got home I was so excited I convinced my girl Selina to do a strand of her beautiful locks as well

She went with the Atomic Turquoise

Love & Edge,

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