sushi connoisseur

I love sushi

Anyone who knows me, knows I am if not obsessed with, very much in love with sushi
Coming from the west coast, I fancy myself a sushi connoisseur, constantly trying out new rolls & new locations

Last night I headed to a well-known & highly praised sushi joint in my hometown called Taka’s 
Needless to say, it was delicious

I like to try at least one new thing every time I go out and this time it was tuna sashimi

I was pleasantly surprised with this sashimi as I am usually a bit hesitant due to the texture. But it was delectable and probably one of my favourite things on the menu

No matter where I go for sushi I am sure to order the spicy tuna maki (roll) I find by getting one common item I am able to easily evaluate the quality of restaurant & am more likely to order something else when I am delighted.
Unfortunately, it is harder to find good spicy tuna maki, than I thought it would be.
But, Taka took me by surprise again as his spicy tuna maki was one of the best ones I’ve had, ever! I was ecstatic.
I also ordered a california roll (on the right) for my company. It was also amazing.

Because I enjoyed the first 2 so much I ordered another california roll & took a suggestion from the sushi wizard himself, a spicy ebi (shrimp) roll. 3 words, Ohmygoodness. However, I was so full & happy I had to get these to go.

All in all it was one of the best sushi experiences I’ve had so far, which is saying quite a bit.
Hail the sushi gods of BC & that wonderful man Taka

Love and maki,

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