broke and still shopping

What can I say? I’m a girl
Although I’ve been trying to be very good with my cashish, my recent trip down to the states proved to be a challenge
I’d like to say however that even though I lost the battle, I won the war with these to die-for accessories

{Photo Editing Credit: Instagram & Hope Tarver}

I absolutely adore this easy to wear magnetic gem from Forever 21

{Photo Editing Credit: Instagram & Hope Tarver}

I can’t wait to wear these cool & collected flip-flops to a classic summer barbeque {American Eagle}
I am also super excited for the drop-dead-gorgeous-earrings on the left {Forever 21} as they can add a little umph to an otherwise casual outfit
Believe it or not the earrings on the right are clip-ons! & only cost $7 at, you guessed it, Forever 21

Last but not least, my all-time favourite purchase from the day
A beautiful analog watch from American Eagle. I have wanted a stunning watch like this for a while, but couldn’t yet afford the one of my dreams from Kate Spade.
And with my small wrist and price limit, I had almost given up on the search. Thank goodness for AE. I am in love with the champagne rose colour & it fits me perfectly.

So there was my short, but completely worth it, shopping trip with tight purse strings,
All I can say is, thank goodness tomorrow is pay day!

Love & glitter,

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