fab friday

Beach days are for sure at the top of my list of fabulous things
Today was an absolutely gorg day in BC & I was able to spend some quality time with Mr.Sun
& my sister (also on the list of fabulous things)

Before the fun in the sun could begin, I had to pack some essentials
All of which are my absolute favourite to bring to any Beach day
Organized just-so in my Vancouver Aritzia Tote & with my home-made monogramed towel, I am set for a day of lounging

Starting from the left:
First and for-most is my Starbucks RED water bottle, Not only is it imperative to stay hydrated while basking in the sun, but I have an huge crush on companies & products that do good for our comrades around the world.
Next are my Ray-Ban Wayfarer prescript sunglasses. Honestly, I would be lost with out these things. Blind and lost.
Also a must for any Beach Beauty, eos SPF  Summer fruit Lip balm. I am completely obsessed with their lip balm and their hand lotion.

Now, I’m not proud of the next item but I can’t help it, I am in lust with the smell of Hawaiian Tropic Suntanning Oil. But don’t fret, I don’t use it often and I put sunscreen on top of it. Believe me, if I could I would wear it as perfume, I most definitely would.

Praise the Banana Boat gods for their Kids SPF Sunscreen Stick. This product has saved me from many a burnt face. It doesn’t melt into your eyes when you apply it to your forehead and it is just so small & handy.

Its always a good idea to bring a little cashish with you to the playa if not for parking, than an emerg beverage when you run out of water.

The to die-for keychain is from a dear friend of mine that I received as my 16th birthday present. Its from Coach & I am in love with it. The adorbs & very handy wristlit that it goes in, is also Coach and was a Christmas gift from one of my beautiful aunties.

I am always sure to bring a roll-on perfume with me everywhere, especially the beach. All that sun can cause a little more perspiration than any girl would like to admit & I am a firm believer in keeping that well hidden.  Ralph Lauren‘s cleverly named perfume, Ralph is my absolute favourite for any summer day

Every girl needs a little entertainment while sun-tanning, when there are no boardshorts skim-boarding or throwing a football, a trashy novel or magazine is a must! And, in the case of a huge Sudoku dork like me, a little book to exercise your mind

The last few things are basics in my world, a sparkly hair clip and sour apple hand sani

All in all, it was a fabulous friday the 13th
& I can’t wait for the next one

Love & Margaritas,

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